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Christ-Centered Hermeneutics


In a recent series of posts on his website, “The Exchange“, Ed Stetzer has begun a discussion of Christ-centered hermeneutics. (Part 1part 2) In this series of posts, Stetzer will discuss Christ-centered preaching through the engagement of several leading theologians.  Additionally, he has challenged others to post discussions regarding this topic on their blogs.

This is what has given rise to this post.  While I do not confess to a grand theologian, I simply want to make a few observations on the topic.

Overall thesis of the Bible “The Person and Work of Jesus Christ”

We must read Scripture in light of this thesis.  Not as a loosely-connected collection of 66 books, but rather one book with multiple authors who speak to the central theme of Scripture, “the glory of God revealed in the person and work of Jesus Christ.”

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The Conviction to Lead

I have just posted my review of Albert Mohler’s “The Conviction to Lead

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Christ and the Desert Tabernacle Book Review

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Accidental Pharisees Book Review

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